What is the difference between

the "Original" & other devices in the market

30 years Scientific Research

& Development

17 University Professors

The only system with proof of a direct results, worldwide patents EP0594655B1 / EP0729318B1 / Ep0621795B1

Tested medical equipment - according to Medical Products 93/42 EC

International Scientific Studies & Proof

Quality tested, highest standards according to ISO 9002 certificate

International Clinical Investigations & Testing

Research and Development results from Space Research Programs. Scientific tests through Eurospace & World Space Research gives us positive results

What makes us the best?

Our Three-patent system

Patent 1 - Protection from Interfering Fields “ELECTROSMOG".

Helps eliminate radiation from modern electronic devices


  • Wherever there are electrical cables in the air, earth or buildings, electrosmog exists. This can cause so-called energy diseases, which in turn can cause chronic diseases.


  • While infectious diseases decreased more and more during the last I00 years, chronic disease rose rapidly (also due to energy deficits).


  • The healing frequencies of natural magnetic fields do not stand a chance against the electrosmog fields, the self healing processes of the body are blocked.


  • The Cellular Home Therapy System supplies the body again vital energy. 


  • Such artificially generated healing magnetic fields only have an effect if a reduced-field was generated in the room first.


  • This means that the existing electrosmog has to be reduced to a minimum. Because if therapeutic frequencies are mixed with the electrosmog they have a far from healing effect.


  • We are the only manufacturer who considers this and has internationally patented the “50 HZ electrosmog killer" in connection with this therapy.


Patent 2 - Ion Transport, Especially Protons

The ability to transport nutrients into the cell and remove waste


Ion transport is the movement of ions across a membrane, passively through ion channels or actively through ion pumps. An ion is a charged atom or molecule.




  • All magnetic field therapy manufacturers generally claim that their products regenerate cells, heal diseases and energize cells by activating the cell metabolism. Cell metabolism however is always conditional on ion transport. 


  • Therefore be prudent with such statements: Only this technology after many years of research has the worldwide patent for ion transport in the body cells. If anyone claims this ability, the statement is either wrong or is infringing on the worldwide patent.


  • Only this technology is completely justified in claiming to accomplish the transport of hydrogen-calcium-sodium-potassium-chloride and magnesium ions.


  • Because of that, better cell supply is possible and at the same time cells are freed from waste products and toxins. 


  • This technology provides a marked increase of oxygen in the tissues; the rate of oxygen diffusion is raised by 80-900% and energy molecules (ATP) are formed.


  • The system even allows of transport of these structures possible through hardened or flagging tissue structures.


Patent 3 - The Resonance Phenomenon
Vibrates the correct natural frequency needed for ion transport


  • Our scientists discovered the cells’ specific amplitude windows (the correct field strength and frequency pattern that opens up the membrane of the cell), which makes the Ion transport possible.

  • When a specific resonance is produced that matches the cell membrane’s amplitude window, ion transport can take place. 

  • In order to support the cell metabolism, the cell membrane has to be maintained at a high level. When the cell is in optimal health, its gate keeping functionality works to keep toxins out and receives the proper nutrients it needs.

  • The patent is not for the technology. The patent is for the mode of action (the correct field strength and frequency pattern. The researches discovered the biological amplitude window and cannot be legally copied by competitors.

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