The Patented

e-Function Waveform Frequency

The e-function (exponential) waveform is a soft-curl fibonacci shape at the top of each power pulse being emitted with a soft dissipation of the energy,

slowly removing the power at first, and then it lets go, faster and faster,

in an exponential spin until it hits infinite speed of release.


This e-function waveform only works with the cell specific amplitude window and is the secret to the unlocking principle in the cell walls to begin the

osmotic ionic transfer of nutrients-in and waste-out.


This is called the "Resonance Phenomenon" that initiates the "Ion Transport",

2 Worldwide Patents.

This group of frequencies that make up the e-function waveform satisfies all the frequencies of the body from 0.1Hz - 10,000Hz, they do not contain frequencies in the range of 50Hz - 60Hz (Electrosmog Radiation) "Protection from Interfering Fields",

3rd Worldwide Patent.

Gauss meters will not detect electrosmog levels (50Hz-60Hz) from these waveforms because they have been removed from the patented process.

All Living Things on Earth

Consist of Fibonacci Shape Energy Forms

  • These wavelengths generated look like a gently flowing pattern that rises and declines slowly and rhythmically resembling the harmonics of a symphony.

  • The maximum voltage spike wavelength is only 3 volts. Higher voltage spikes could damage cells.

  • These frequencies may help to build up the voltage within every cell of the body to its normal capacity.

  • More specific frequencies are generated to remove the damaging frequencies of 50Hz-60Hz (electrosmog radiation) ie: electronics, wifi, cell phones etc...

  • These frequencies may decrease the damage done to the cells of the body from electrosmog.

  • Microtesla (µT) is the measurement of power spikes within a wave pattern. These frequencies never create a power spike greater than 40 microtesla. Other competitor units have readings of 50 or above, which could cause anaerobic cells in the body to grow.



0.3Hz, 1.5Hz, 3.0Hz dominant frequencies present

3.0Hz through 1000Hz subtly underlying the other frequencies



3Hz, 22Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 1000Hz dominant frequencies present,

1000Hz through 10,000Hz subtly underlying the other frequencies



0.1 Hz, 10Hz, 22Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz Dominant frequencies present,

750Hz through 10,000Hz subtly underlying the other frequencies

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