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         International patent for clearing electrosmog

         International patent for Ion Transport

         International patent for natural bioavailable e-function signal: 

During the extensive research, one of the most remarkable findings was the broad range of the device’s effectiveness as a universal remedy. The reason: the frequencies worked on the root cause - the body’s sick cells. All chronic diseases are always based on impaired cell function - sick cells.

Inner Workings

What happens in a 24-minute session

  • Elimination of electrosmog: A patented process removes interfering fields, which in turn creates a more effective environment for the device to work better. Most devices output higher than the World Health Organization's limit of 100 mT approved level. At our highest intensity we operate at 40 mT. 

  • Increased Ion Transport - a patented process increases the cells intake of the charged molecules or atoms (energy) we receive from, food, water and air. These floating ions enter the cell walls easier and bring the provided nutrients to be metabolized, which creates ATP in large amounts. This process increases the charge of the cell. A standard cell membrane measures at 70-110 mV, sick persons often 40-50 mV. (We have the patent on this, if others claim they charge the cells, they are infringing on the patent or don't understand how their system works.)

  • Intensified Vascular nitrogen monoxide (= NO) release by stimulation of the receptors in the endothelia cells.  This in turn causes a rise in the calcium-ion concentration, which leads to a pH subsidence. This sensitizes the baroreceptors, the sympathetic nerve is restricted, the vascular dilitation is intensified.  NO, a labile link with a short half-life has a central meaning in controlling the vascular resistance and it controls many central functions such as the neurotransmitters, the macrophages-cytotoxin, and finally hinders the platelet aggregation.

  • Direct influence of the electromagnetic tension at the vascular membrane leads to a vascular widening, to an improved perfusion of the tissue (microcirculation), an improved O2 supply and removal of waste products, an increased cell metabolism and an increased thermal radiation.

    You may experience improved psychological and physical sense of well-being, better coping with stress, less or no pain, better vascular circulation, better peripheral oxygen supply, shorter stays in hospital after operations, less complications, remedying of sleeping disorders and depressions. 

Why is Ion Transport Important?

The ion transport works at the cellular level to “normalize” the function of cells. Every cell has its own frequency and the frequency package that is embodied in the pulsed electromagnetic signal produces a resonance effect. This patented “key to the cells”. The transmembrane potential of the cell (the potential difference across the cell wall) is increased. This stimulates the metabolic processes. The cell membrane also becomes more porous, thereby facilitating the ion transport effect where both positive and negative ions are simultaneously transported out of the electrolytic fluids and into surrounding cells. 

The phenomenon stimulates electroporation of the cell membrane, where tiny pores or “ion channels” are opened during pulses. This effect increases trans-membrane potential, electron transport, and free radical scavenging, which is significantly important for anti-aging and treating chronic conditions.

Controlled, millisecond electrical pulses induce temporary pores in the cell membrane. The cell membrane reseals and is left unharmed.

Before pulsing                         During pulsing                             After pulsing

Ion Transfer relaxes tense hardened muscles & blood

vessels & increases blood volume & oxygen supply

Circulation before and after an 8 minute Cellular Home Therapy System Session.

The combination of wave pattern, frequency package and amplitude produces significant effects on blood.

  • The heart effect: Heart beat slows (relaxes) frequency decreases 

  • The blood pressure effect: Blood pressure decreases 

  • Blood flow speed: The blood flows faster 

  • Blood Viscosity: The viscosity of the blood decreases (i.e. Blood thins) 

  • Respiratory Volume: Humans immediately breathe more deeply

At every point of the body, currents are built up, even in the smallest blood vessels to provide the necessary regulation.

Enhancement of the body's own weakened fields strengthen and stabilize to exchange cellular nutrients and waste, to rebuild the proteins, to regenerate the cell components and to increase the effectiveness of the immune system.

A harmonization of decoupled pacemakers (oscillators) for the balance of tension and relaxation in the autonomic nervous system, for the gentle expansion of convulsed blood vessels, for the initiation of rest and sleep rhythm and in the morning automatically for the initiation of the performance phase

Ion Transport stimulates the cell membrane

potential & Improves Oxygen in the blood

Dark field microscopy before treatment

During 5 minute treatment

5 minutes after treatment

15 minutes after treatment

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