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To provide products that immediately affect the cellular health and rejuvenation of the overall body. By understanding why supercharged cells and coherent cell-to-cell communication is key to health, all people will be able to live a healthier and more active life. Our Products and energy centers are complementary to any health regiment and help you take charge of your preventative care for optimum health and wellness.

Toni Goren
PureWave Energy Centers


In my search to identify the premier product in this area, I examined a large number of options. The technology that surpassed all others was that of Energy Medicine & Frequency Systems. We have developed a line of devices that far surpass any other.

Based on my years of experience in the Wellness and Energy Medicine Field, therapy devices like this hold the most immediate potential for individuals to relieve discomfort, restore normal body rhythm, support nutrient absorption and many other beneficial health benefits.

The Purewave Therapies were created to bring this life changing technology to the market and have seen countless studies that have demonstrated the superior technological advances of these Systems.

As the founder of a Woman owned business I am especially excited to work with others that share my passion of helping people to restore optimal well being in their lives.

Dr Jeffrey Marrongelle
Doctor of Integrative Medicine
BioEnergiMed Metabolic Institute


Jeffrey L. Marrongelle is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Doctor of Integrative Medicine. He has been practicing Homotoxicology and nutrition in combination with his Chiropractic practice over the last 30 years.


He owns and operates the BioEnergiMed Metabolic Institute with a focus upon assessment of autonomic function, via advanced technologies integrating Heart Rate Variability, Plethysmography and Bioimpedance Body Composition, combined with standard medical evaluations. Over the course of the last 15 years, he has compiled an extensive database of over 40,000 HRV test results, making it the largest clinical database of its kind.

A specialist in non-narcotic pain control, reduction of inflammation and wound healing, utilizing various modalities, including Low Level Laser, PEMF, and biofeedback electrical stimulation, combined with targeted clinical nutrition. He is a primary researcher in the effects of Electromagnetic fields with the Human Physiology. He is a highly respected Consultant and Lecturer on nutrition and integrative medicine.


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